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All Set for a Video Interview?

Many people find the idea of a video interview intimidating and feel quite uncomfortable and unprepared.  Increasing number of company HR use video interviews as part of the screening process. There is really not much option for you, as candidates, but to learn to adapt to this method of interviewing.

Making the right first impression on a video interview is as important as in a face-to-face meeting.  Below are some key points you can take note of in preparing for your video interview.

Dress Smartly – You would need to look presentable with reasonable grooming and business casual dress, like you would be to a personal meeting.  After all, the interviewer can still see you!

Be in the Right Environment – Make sure that you take your video interview in a well-lit space. Dim lighting or overly bright lighting could alter your skin, changing the colour to a greenish or pale white colour.  Noise is also a factor – best in a quiet room, with little to no background noise.

Ensure You Have the Right Software – It is best to avoid a panicky scenario so make sure that you have the software downloaded, sign up if prompted and test the software. Your interview will be more relaxed and far less stressful if you know how to manage the platform you’ll be using.

Once you eliminate technological stresses, you can better focus on the content of the conversation, rather than apologising profusely to the interviewer every time your computer plays up.

Be Prepared for Glitches – There can be occasions where if things could go wrong, they would! Technology crashes and glitches can happen at the worst possible times. Do not panic and just wait for the Internet to catch up with the video and move on with the questions. If you miss something the interviewer said because of a glitch or lag time, politely ask if they could repeat themselves.

So, keep your eyes on the camera, have your smile on and be yourself as much as you can.  It is just an interview — like any other.

At Red Fire Consulting, we would be happy to provide you with guidance and practice for your upcoming telephone, personal and video interviews at zero cost. So get in touch with us and ace that interview!


Mind the Gap

Gaps on your resume?

You may have a gap on your resume for a variety of reasons.  Was it to fulfil your traveling dreams, a sabbatical MBA year or for family reasons? Was it unfortunately due to poor health or perhaps you were made redundant?

Candidates who have noticeable periods of time without work tend to get overlooked by employers. However, if you find yourself in front of an interview panel, it is important that you answer to questions on any gaps in your resume confidently and in as positive a light as possible.  Sincerity is highly recommended from the onset.  Bluffing your way through is not recommended as most good hiring managers can see straight through this.

So, how would you explain the gap on your resume?

First of all, do your homework.  Demonstrate that you are very much still in touch with what is happening in the market place relevant to your niche sector and also the company you’re hoping to land a job with.

New approach – think outside of the box.  This is especially useful if you are struggling to get through to the interview stage because of the gaps on your resume. Mention your short stint of voluntary work or short courses you’ve recently taken up.  This will not only give you something recent to put on your resume but it also shows that you are pro-active and ambitious.

Make your new skills count.  Talk about your recently acquired skills whilst you were out of the corporate world.  Did you have a career switch or move into a different sector? If so, share what you’ve learnt there and how those skills are transferrable in the new role you are applying for.

These days, as candidates, you do need to work quite a bit harder to stand out and be noticed. Having gaps in your resume may seem like a hindrance to some but if you keep positive, pro-active and sincere, there is every reason you’ll succeed in landing your ideal job.

Should you require assistance with preparing your resume due gaps in your career or guidance on interviewing skills, feel free to get in touch for your one-on-one support.


Thank you but I’m moving on….

You feel it is the right time to leave your job. You don’t want to burn any bridges and your network is of value to you. Plus, it is preferable to have options when it comes to good references for your new position.  How do you go about doing that?

It is important that the moment you decide to leave your current job, that you do so in a professional manner. Here are some tips for leaving your current job on a positive note:

Give More than Sufficient Notice

One month’s notice is standard practice, but depending on the nature of your role, consider giving even more notice.  If you are one of these highly specialised employees, you can make your exit easier on your employer by giving them more time to find and train your replacement.

Be Graceful

You don’t need to say much more than that you are leaving. Talk about how the company has benefited you and emphasise on the positives.  There really isn’t any point in venting, criticising, undermining and being overall negative.

Train Your Successor

Support the success of the new incumbent and offer your help during the transition period. In doing so, you could end up being a valuable network connection down the road.

Finish Unfinished Tasks

Ideally, leave with your head held high.  Complete and close as many of your active orders and projects as you can.

You never know where life may take you, and your reputation is a most valuable asset. It helps to preserve good relationships because for all you know, one of them may be the key to your success.