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Specialist Recruiter: Senior Sales Professionals
& Human Resources Executives

Our approach goes beyond traditional recruitment. We delve deep into understanding your organisations’ values, goals and aspirations, enabling us to curate a tailored selection of highly qualified Senior Sales Professionals and Human Resources Executives who align with your vision. 

We understand that finding the right talent is crucial, but finding exceptionally talented Sales and HR professionals who are not only skilled but deeply committed to fostering real growth and engagement within organisations is a true challenge. This is where we step in.

We specialise in connecting visionary companies with top-tier senior executives who possess the unique ability to shape company culture, inspire teams and drive employee engagement to unprecedented heights. 

We know that engaged employees are the driving force behind innovation, productivity and your lasting success. With this understanding at our core, we are dedicated to identifying individuals who not only meet the qualifications on paper but also embody the spirit of genuine connection and empowerment.



Where Effective Collaboration Enquates Seamless
Recruitment & Onboarding

Our consultants

Our consultants are not just recruiters but also champions of candidate care and engagement. We believe that the journey of securing an ideal role with the best-suited company should be more than a transaction – it should be a transformative experience. Our consultants are committed to ensuring that every step of this journey is marked by support, guidance and a genuine concern for your aspirations.

Our core focus is on you – your goals, your values, your dreams. We have a genuine passion for your success. Your recruitment journey is about crafting a future that resonates with your potential. Our consultants are adept at not only matching skills and experiences but also aligning cultures and values. We understand that the right company fit can ignite your passion, fuel your growth and propel your career to new heights.

Our consultants also understand that each client is as distinctive as the sector they operate in. Our consultants possess a reservoir of knowledge across a broad spectrum of industries – from technology and finance to healthcare, manufacturing and beyond.  We believe in going beyond conventional recruitment practices, investing time to truly comprehend your organisation’s ethos, goals and aspirations.

Our consultants’ unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and commitment to delivering outstanding professional service is etched into the core of our consultancy. We understand that success is about forging partnerships that drive growth and innovation. Our consultants approach each engagement as an opportunity to create a lasting impact, matching you with candidates who possess the skills, mindset and adaptability to navigate the challenges of your industry.

Your success is our business and together, we’re shaping a future of unparalleled professional service.

dear Candidates

Our approach to relationships is simple. We value transparency, integrity and open communication. Our internal Candidate Care policy highlights our commitment to treat you as individuals with your own unique stories and ambitions. We know that every Consultant-Candidate relationship differs and we constantly thrive to keep them open and honest.

We always aim to meet in person at the start of your  journey with us. Sometimes a video call is the most sensible option. We invest in a significant amount of time getting to know you and to understand your key motivations and career plans. Your success are our success stories.

We Reach Out

We network and engage with experienced HR professionals who possess the right calibre, the fitting skillset and have a robust background of experience.

We Get You

Completing our free Candidate Profiling Questionnaire will potray why you are the right fit for the role and the firm.

We Thank You

Our satisfaction comes from you, who have chosen us to share your unique journeys and successes with. We are indeed privileged.

How We Engage

Connection is at the heart of our process. We believe in open and meaningful dialogues that uncover your career goals and desires. By understanding your unique story, we ensure that the roles we present are not just checkboxes but steps toward realising your full potential. We value your input and insights, recognising that collaboration is key to shaping your path forward.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We view our candidates as partners on a shared journey. This collaborative spirit enables us to refine our search, customise opportunities and tailor our recommendations to your preferences. We keep you informed, engaged and empowered throughout the process, working together to achieve your career aspirations.


Our selection process focuses on critical responsibilities, motivating factors, behaviours and interpersonal traits revealing only qualified, motivated and interested individuals for a particular position.

Complete profiles are provided and references supplied of selected candidate. By tying our solutions to your performance assessments and expectations, we offer you cost effective and simplified hiring process – delivering results every time.

We Identify And Engage With Leaders

Highly skilled talent with the drive and vision to deliver short-term impact and long-term value to businesses

Our Clients

Our search and recruitment operations are focused around middle to senior management positions within Singapore and throughout Asia.

The industries our clients operate in are varied. We work in true partnership with our clients to tailor a solution that meets their requirements, regardless of the sector they operate in.

Executive Headhunting

With Executive Headhunting, you stipulate the expertise and experience you’re looking for.

Candidate Referencing

Comprehensive candidate referencing is a critical part of our executive recruitment process and supports our core headhunting function.

Executive Headhunting

With Executive Headhunting, you stipulate the expertise and experience you’re looking for. We leverage on our knowledge and insight into the marketplace to identify those senior executives with the proven track record at the highest level.

We will engage and open the door for you to connect with these “passive” professionals who have the required abilities but not currently in the market for a career move. Leave it to us to reach out to and attract top talent for your key positions.

Candidate Referencing

Comprehensive candidate referencing is a critical part of our executive recruitment process and supports our core headhunting function. Every senior appointment is subject to extensive due diligence. We take a robust approach to referencing in order to maintain the high quality of our candidates and minimise the risk to our clients. We also take steps to authenticate all academic and professional qualifications.

We identify and engage with leading talent wherever they may be!

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