Didn’t Get the Job?


Sometimes the reason why you didn’t get a job could simply be that you lacked the key qualifications or “must-haves” the position requires.  It could be a personality clash between you and the executive in-charge or that you simply botched the interview. It is not always that clear cut, or personal, and often there are unapparent factors at play that could influence a job status.


Unapproved Budget

Hiring managers would sometimes take it upon themselves and request directly to HR to identify the right person for additional member(s) for the department. Often times in these instances, HR would confidently assume that the budget will be approved, and on time, for the hire.  HR would go ahead and advertise the vacancy and commence the recruitment process.  It is not uncommon for one reason or another where internal forces could affect the business direction resulting in the requisition to be cancelled.

Company Restructuring

Sometimes HR or a recruitment team would be informed that an open position has suddenly been put on hold or cancelled without any real understanding behind the reason why.  Top management do not necessary share openly with its HR/recruitment team on a change in business strategy or any major internal upheaval which may delay or cancel hiring needs.

The Problem with Internal Politics

A senior executive could be in a position to exert his/her influence over the decision to hire. The senior executive could also strongly “suggest” the hiring manager to interview a different shortlist of candidates (this could be a personal friend/contact or within his/her network whom could give him/her leverage). Neither fair nor cool but it does happen.

Are You A Red Flag?

Before submitting your resume to any company, it would be best to check that there’s no falsehood about you on online. You could google your name to see if there is any negative gossip. If you do find something, correct it immediately. Go through your social media postings and remove any unpleasant photos which might be taken in a less than positive view. Hearsay is a common issue and a most random comment or public photo could break your job offer. Should a hiring manager be made aware of a negative gossip, even if it’s baseless, they might choose to pass up on your application.

You’re the First Candidate They Interviewed

Recruitment process commonly comprises of 3 interview phases.  Should you be among the first few in the first round of many initial interviews, chances are you may not be remembered as well as those attending interviews towards the end. This could affect your odds of being shortlisted to the next phase.  It would be a good idea to call and check with the hiring manager or an HR staff for interview date options and try to see if you can be slotted into a later date.

Internally Filled Position

The least cool reason is a position you applied for which never actually existed in the first place! Yup! All along the company had already intended to give the job to an existing employee and was simply going through the motions.

Do not be so hard on yourself if you weren’t selected after an interview which you felt had gone really well. There is no real opportunity lost, for every interview is a journey towards a more confident you. So best to have an attitude of, “Next!”

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