Crap Job, Great Boss or is it the case of Great Job, Crap Boss?

Scenario 1: So…. you’re stuck in a crappy routine job of 9 to 5 with little to zero prospect of any light at the end of the tunnel.  You’ve given it a couple extra years of chances to get better but soon you’ll run out of compensated air. Yet you find yourself making excuses for not looking for opportunities elsewhere.  It is all the fault of your more than fabulous boss!

Scenario 2: So…. you’re stuck with an aggressive and micro-managing so-and-so for a boss with little to zero prospect of him/her retiring anytime soon.  You’ve given him/her couple extra years to work on himself/herself (and half a smile) but you know there is no hope in hell any positive change will happen.  It is all the fault of your more than awesome job!

Granted, healthy working relationship with your immediate superior is so important and we all know that a fabulous boss can be a rare gem.  Also granted, doing what you love is so essential and one that you’re pumped about every single day, yes, well that is a big deal.

If you find yourself trapped in either of the situation, remember you can choose to change your situation. Nothing is permanent unless you do nothing about it. 

The top news is that you are NOT stuck with only the 2 options of either “crap job, great boss” or “crap boss, great job”.  There are plenty of opportunities out there with “great jobs, great bosses”.  Hurrah!!

Are you’re preoccupied with how you’re not going to qualify for a better job with better pay elsewhere since you’ve not acquired news skills the last 7 years? Why not instead, train yourself to think and act proactively? Sign up for that 2-month Advanced Excel course so you can qualify to apply for those types of jobs.

Have a chat with your great boss and as he can vouch for you, he/she may be happy to point you in the right direction and introduce you to others within his/her network who could be useful to connect with.

The “nightmare” boss is a trickier situation though. You’re might feel afraid of having a one-on-one chat with your boss or you may have tried that route but got nowhere.  

To be fair, “nightmare bosses” are human too and they have their fair share of concerns and insecurities.  Try and find ways to “humanise” him/her in your own mind. This might give you the courage to suggest grabbing coffee or lunch together.  When you do get there, don’t let work be all you talk about. Share a little about yourself or learn if she loves dogs as much as you do, for example. Show there is more to you than just being his/her subordinate.  Given time if you continue with the informal get-togethers, even the hardest of bosses will prove to be less so. 

Regardless of which scenario you’re “trapped” in, speak with a career counsellor or a recruitment consultant to gain a clear picture of your options.  At the same time, develop your career mission statement highlighting your career goals and the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.  And if you can spare the time, join a professional networking group.

Your mental well-being is just as important, if not more. So live your life outside of work as meaningful and as personally satisfying as you wish.

“Life waits for no man (or woman)” so take that first step towards happier working days. What have you got to lose, except maybe a crap job or a crap boss!

Should you feel having a chat with a career/recruting consultant may help, do drop us a line and book in for a confidential conversation. At Red Fire Consulting, we offer free personalised profiling and career consulting to help you understand yourself better and get you where you want to be.

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